Premier Mo's, High Blantyre


Currently on display in Premier Mo's shop High Blantyre, each giant panel features a photo of an iconic Blantyre landmark. (The David Livingstone Bridge, the Centenary Memorial, and the David Livingstone statue.)


zoe dargue photography

Zoe's work has been featured in several Spotify, Apple Music & Youtube album art. Artists such as Petty Cassettes & Lucy Tay have used Zoe's photographs to promote their music and their upcoming shows.

Lucy Tay - In Between

Lucy Tay's 2022 single "In Between", about a woman feeling stuck in the same place whilst all of her peers go through big life changes, features a shot from Lucy & Zoe's shoot from earlier that year. Lucy's team has also decided to use a photo from this session as her official artist photo!

Petty Cassettes - The Call

On the 23rd of September 2022, Petty Cassettes released "The Call" - a pop-punk anthem for the new revolution. For the release of their new song, they commissioned Zoe to shoot a black and white Doc Marten-esque album cover to convey the gritty vibe of the song for rollout.

Hamilton, Our Town Sign


“Big thanks to my mate for the heads up. Cause it’s next to your work I won’t say who you are lol!
but, I can’t believe I have more published work out there! BIG THANKS TO Hamilton Our Town for making me a part of local history.”