In Blantyre's first-ever children's book, join Brae on a mission to learn about the area, and discover what life has been like throughout time! Written and illustrated by Blantyre local, Zoe Dargue, this book is packed with never before seen art of Blantyre, Scotland taken from historical and modern photographs of the area. 

Together, you'll wander through Blantyre's past, present, and future. Go back to Mickey's Cafe for ice cream, or Benham's shop for sweets and the newspaper. You'll learn about the streets named after real people, and why they get the privilege when others did not. 

Learn about the history of the people, businesses, and buildings that makes the town what it is today. Following in the pawsteps of the likes of David Livingstone, you'll discover what made the town as big as it is. Discover Blantyre with Brae The Stray, and spread the history of this beautiful small town!

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Brae The Stray is an original character created by Zoe Dargue for the book series “Brae Discovers”. Any use of the character without permission of Zoe Dargue herself is strictly prohibited.  Brae The Stray books can only be purchased through verified sellers. Currently, the only place to purchase is through Amazon or Brae Discovers directly.  Brae Discovers Blantyre is “Blantyre’s first children’s book” based on an independent study, which includes contacting the local libraries & historians whilst searching online stores and search engines to find children’s books based on the town of Blantyre, Scotland.